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Dipa Suresh


I am an Arts Based Therapist and a Soft Skills and Communicative English Trainer. I use creative methods including story-telling, role plays and art and music to create, and to deliver my workshops and training sessions. In addition, I am also committed to going on long walks, enjoying a cup of tea under the mango tree and taking care of my own home and children.


My goal at HERE.I.AM is to help you achieve your goals.I can put together personalised Workshops for you or for your organisation.

Leadership and Soft Skills Training Workshops

Body language or non-verbal communication leading to effective communication.

Team Building activities leading to collaboration, cooperation, sharing and understanding.

Emotional Intelligence leading to strategic thinking and better decision-making.

Problem-solving skills leading to better solutions personally and at the workplace

Personal Development and Communication Workshops

Spoken English Communication leading to empowerment, career growth and advancement, and superior self-confdence.

Public Speaking leading to improved ability to communicate and boosted self-esteem. Influence and Persuasion leading to finer employee relations

Arts Therapy Based Workshops

Staying Motivated with creative methods, leading to heightened efficiency. Thinking Positively with arts based activities, leading to greater stress management Time Management leading to clearer focus. Goal Setting leading to clarity and disciplined action

Image Management Workshops

First Impressions with insider tips on creating the best first impression. Power Dressing to help project the image of self-assurance and confidence. Grooming to help build relationships at a personal and professional level


This is what I have been doing recently at HERE.I.AM.

As an independent Consultant and Trainer, the work I do is varied, and always crafted to fit the individual needs of my clients. Typically, we can work together in two ways: I can create and deliver extensive Workshops for your Organisation, or, I can craft individual, personalised mentoring sessions for you.


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Here I am; I can Help. If you need personalised one-to-one sessions with me, or if you need extensive Workshops for you or your Organisation, call me.

Dipa Suresh
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